On Being Apart Together at Culture Hub

CultureHub hosts a conversation on emergent distributed strategies for community engagement. This virtual event gathers a panel of arts leaders and community organizers based in Los Angeles and New York working with art, art and tech, and community initiatives. The conversation will center around how collectives have been devising new grassroots engagement strategies during this time of remote connection, in conjunction with innovative technology or by activating other means of interaction. The panelists will also discuss how they envision sustaining and/or adapting their approaches in the long term.

Panelists include: Alice Yuan Zhang & Sara Suárez (virtual care lab), Mad Pinney (POWRPLNT), Taehee Whang (Hyperlink Press), Tamilla Woodard (Working Theater, PopUP Theatrics), Ella Hillström & Christoffer Horlitz (Anti-Customs Enforcement), Yo-Yo Lin, and Jasmine Hayden.

Code, Decolonized at The New School 

code, decolonized is a teaching practicum that investigates the ever-shifting roles of software and explore new forms of code pedagogy through queer, Black, abolitionist, and intersectional feminist consciousness. We will research, experiment, and practice new ways of learning and teaching programming languages for the web through perspectives that are traditionally overlooked and under-recognized in the technical classroom. Following bell hook’s vision of “education as the practice of freedom”, this course equips future-educators with tools to reframe their understanding of traditional computer science education and craft socially-engaged course materials. By the end of the course, we will culminate in an array of syllabi, collaborative tools, assignments, in-class exercises and present them through an end of the semester symposium students will facilitate and attend outside of class time. This COLLAB studio partners with the Processing Foundation and POWRPLNT and is well suited for students who are invested in pursuing teaching careers after graduation, as well as those looking to deepen their understanding of code and community work.